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General English language Support (Online)

General English language Support (Online) Online

Our General English: Language Support workshops aim to support students, where English is their second language, to improve their English language skills. Students will have the opportunity to develop their communication skills and gain a better understanding of British culture, which will help to communicate more confidently in everyday situations, including work and study. 

Topics will cover:  

Perfecting Pronunciation (7 February 2023)

  • To develop knowledge of the sounds of English
  • To put this understanding of English language sounds into practice by practising pronunciation in context. 

Perfecting Pronunciation: Similarities & Differences in Spoken Words & Spellings (14 February 2023) 

  • To practise pronunciation using words that are spelt the same but are pronounced differently
  • To group words by their pronunciations

Perfecting Pronunciation: Word Stress & Sentence Stress (21 February 2023) 

  • To be able to determine which sounds are stressed in a range of words, in which word stress errors are common
  • To practise proper word stress in context
  • To learn the rules/trends of sentence stress

Accents & Word Linking in English (28 February 2023)

  • To be able to interpret a variety of British accents
  • To gain an understanding of word linking in native speakers’ verbal communication and to be able to understand the words/meanings when this occurs

Word Choice (7 March 2023) 

  • To learn the synonyms of common words and determine their level of formality
  • To understand the purpose of certain word choices, use of linguistic features, and sentence/paragraph structure
  • To recognise appropriate and inappropriate word choices in different contexts



Inference - Reading between the lines (14 March 2023)

  • To be able to understand what is inferred by commonly used English phrases
  • To be able to identify inference in written English that you may cite in academic essays

Slang (21 March 2023) 

  • To gain a wider knowledge of the meanings of UK slang terms
  • To be able to understand UK slang in context

Assessment of learning (28 March 2023)

  • Write an essay about a famous person, describe who they are / what they have done
  • Cite how they are written about in the media or in other sources, look at the inference
  • Argue what values you think they do/do not demonstrate and encourage, as well as if you agree or disagree with the sources you cite
Tuesday, March 21st, 2023
2:00pm - 3:00pm
Time Zone:
UK, Ireland, Lisbon Time (change)
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